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That birth is designed perfectly. It's as simple as that. I believe that birth informs life, and that a positive, undisturbed birth can set the stage for the bond between the mother and her baby and the experience of postpartum. What if we could show our babies that the world they are coming into is beautiful and gentle, before they even take their first breath? Birth begins long before labor begins, and lasts far beyond the completion of labor. The ongoing birth of a mother and the ongoing birth of a baby- as both unfold, and step into themselves- is a right of passage unlike any other. It's a sacred time that deserves reverence, protection, and nurturance. As a doula, it's my honor to stand beside women and families as they grow, birth, and fall deeply in love with their babies.  



My name is Claire Fagin and I'm a mother, homemaker, birth & postpartum doula, and childbirth educator. In 2022, I left behind a career in the arts to pursue my calling as a doula. This calling had tugged at me since my own baby sister's journey earthside, my first conscious experience of birth, left a deep imprint on me. Shortly after becoming a doula, I became pregnant myself and my own matresence- my experience of becoming a mother- has profoundly impacted my work. My pregnancy was the whisper that I was sovereign and powerful, my birth was the proof that the whispers were truth, and my postpartum was where the weight of my calling set in. It's my goal as a doula and childbirth educator to instill in my clients a sense of trust in birth as a normal (and beautiful!) life event, to provide new paradigms of thinking (by new, I mean ancestral) when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and child rearing, and to equip women and families with the guidance and tools they need (hint hint: the answers are all within) as they bring their precious babies into the world. I currently live in LA (soon to be Maryland!) with my love, JB, and our beautiful son Bixby.

Claire Fagin Doula.JPG
Claire Fagin Doula.jpeg

 My education includes: 

Trained Birth Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator (ACBE)

Trained Postpartum Doula

DONA International Member



As your birth doula, I offer educational, emotional, and physical support throughout the transformative time of pregnancy and birth. Birth is, and will always be a mystery, but trusting birth more than you fear pain is the key to birthing in a grounded, connected, and embodied way. My approach as your doula weaves together biology and evidence based information with an intuitive and innate understanding of what it means to give birth. I can't to walk alongside you on this journey.


As your postpartum doula, I offer warmth, nurturance, and physical and practical support in your last weeks of pregnancy and first weeks with your baby. A baby's first environment is their mother- the rhythm of her heartbeat and the sound of her voice is a baby's first idea of home, and birth should not feel like leaving home, but coming more fully into it. I do not offer night time support as I believe nights are not only precious but are paramount for true connection with your baby, but I offer compassionate daytime support so that you feel nourished and well equipped to pass on that nourishment to your little one. My approach as your postpartum doula emphasizes ways to bring you back to center including nutrient dense meal prep, tailored herbal sitz baths, helping around the house, practical newborn advice, and hands on care. I can't wait to support you as you step more fully into motherhood.


Whether it's due to location differences between us or you're simply on the fence about hiring a doula, I would absolutely love to schedule a time for virtual support. There are so many ways I'd be honored to support you from afar, a few ideas being going over the ins and outs of your birth options, registry building or chatting through what you might need in the postpartum period, practical support for you and your birth partner during labor, or advice about newborn care. There is really no subject too big or too small. I can't wait to be a sounding board based on your specific circumstance and needs.


Physiological childbirth and postpartum education classes coming soon.



"I was nervous about hiring someone for such an intimate moment for my family, but Claire became an instant forever friend—she was helpful, informative, validating, and kind. She was truly a life saver in the moments that we felt overwhelmed and needed a calm and wise presence around. We’d never go through a birth or postpartum period again without her! Thank you Claire!"

-Skye, Birth and Postpartum Client



I'd love to chat over the phone or on FaceTime. Before we meet, let me know any details about you that feel important.

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